Emergency Appeal for Sudan

Oxfam has joined 14 other charities in launching a joint "Disasters and Emergency Appeal" for Sudan to help the hundreds of thousands of people at risk of starvation because of a combination of drought and the long running civil war. Some of the money raised will be used to support "Operation Lifeline Sudan", the UN-led aid effort, which is currently sending up to 12 relief flights each day into southern Sudan. The remaining money will fund the work of the individual charities. Oxfam is opening feeding centres for the weakest and most vulnerable to supplement the rations flown in by the UN. The charity is also helping provide safe, clean water at several sites and supplying substantial quantities of seeds and tools so that people can plant their own crops.

If you'd like to make a donation call in at any bank, building society of Oxfam shop, ring 0870 6060 900, or send cheques (payable to "Sudan Crisis Appeal") to Oxfam Campaigns, Graeme House, Wilbraham Road, Manchester M21 9AS.

Angus Cleary, Oxfam North West (0161 861 9731/0161 861 9040)

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