Sahara to Manchester

For 23 years, since Morocco invaded Western Sahara, the Saharawi people have been divided - either living in fear in occupied Western Sahara or in refugee camps in Algeria. The promised referendum of 1992 did not happen. But the stalemate is now coming to an end, at last, because the United Nations has managed to broker a peace process which will lead to a referendum on self determination for the Saharawi people. This is due to take place on 7 December 1998. (Ironically this is the date of the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, another country seeking self determination.)

Just two months before the referendum, 9-11 October, people from all over Europe will be gathering in Manchester to attend the 23th European Coordinating Conference for support to the Saharawi people. At this crucial time, the Saharawis need support more than ever in order to secure a free and fair referendum for Western Sahara. Please show your support by coming to the fundraising Ceilidh at St Ninian's Church, Chorlton on Saturday 11 July (see calendar for details).

Western Sahara Campaign, Dept 132, 1 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1HW

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