No Compromise in Oldham

The last few months have been a very exciting time for Oldham Earth First! We have continued to concentrate on campaigning against the destruction at the Beal Valley for a toxic dump and eventual golf course. EF! activists have visited the contractor, Peter Casey, at his home, blockaded the construction site turning back sixty lorries in the process (see above), invaded several council meetings and debated the issues with the major of Oldham (a big fan of the development) at the local beer festival!

You can't come through here!
Oldham EF!sters stopping work at the Beale Valley

Upcoming events include a "Reclaim the Beal Valley" march, anti-McDonalds and "No M66" actions, as well as a critical mass in September. We intend to stick with our uncompromising stance when dealing with Earth rapers and hope to continue to work with local people on a wide range of issues.

Adam, Oldham Earth First ([pls use email])

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