Networking in Oldham

In mid-April, 23 environmental, conservation, humanitarian, and animal rights/welfare groups in the Oldham area converged at Oldham's One World Centre for the first time. A wide range of groups attended, including: Greenpeace, Earth First, Friends of the Earth, Beal Valley Rescue, CAFOD, M/c Animal Protection, Cat Action Trust, Action for Ferals and BTCV as well as representatives from Oldham Council's Environment Forum and Countryside Rangers.

The event was organised under the auspices of Oldham Forum For a Better Earth through Acting Together, aka "OFFBEAT". There were 3 main purposes of the event: networking; short presentations from each group about who they are and the work they do; and how people can get involved. After all the presentations, group members and members of the general public mingled together meeting all the groups.

A final session of "What Next" provided an opportunity to decide how the groups could work together in the future. It was agreed that OFFBEAT would continue to act as a body of individuals working together and further work includes a Networking Newsletter for Oldham, a printed booklet of all groups and a fund-raising event. So watch this space!

Maggie Curran, OFFBEAT (07899 77 36 56)

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