Nuclear Free or Nuclear Free for All?

Are you horrified by the prospect of a nuclear arms race in Asia as a result of the recent nuclear tests by India and Pakistan? The situation has arisen because of the untenable situation where five nations have nuclear weapons and forbid any other nations from possessing them. The nuclear materials were supplied to India and Pakistan by the same countries who are now condemning them for testing nuclear weapons.

Nuclear hypocrisy - when the leader of the nation with thousands of nuclear warheads says, "I cannot believe we are about to start the 21st century by having the Indian subcontinent repeat the worst mistakes of the 20th century when we know it is not necessary to peace, to security, to prosperity, to national greatness, or national fulfilment." (President Clinton) and then, instead of starting immediate negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons, announces sanctions against one of poorest countries in the world.

Various demos and meetings have been arranged in response to the new nuclear tests, including a demonstration outside the Ministry of Defence in London (Sat 6 June), a discussion on the current crisis at the Friends Meeting House (7pm, Weds 17 June), a dayschool examining the issues in Leeds (Sat 20 June), and a street protest in Albert Square (10am-4pm, Sat 1 Aug).

If you are angry or scared or interested then contact Greater Manchester and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. More information is emerging all the time so get in touch.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (0161 834 8301)

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