Not a Happy Nappy

Disposable nappies cost a parent about £1000 from "birth to potty" for each child. According to research by the Women's Environmental Network they also make up about one million tonnes (4%) of the total amount of UK household waste. However by using real, washable nappies a parent can save about £500 on the price of nappying a child, and help the environment. Real nappies may also be kinder to baby. Yet information about the alternatives to disposables is scarce. Hence the Real Nappy Association.

The Real Nappy Association was founded by two concerned mums in 1995. Since then it has united parents, environmental groups, nappy washing services and other real nappy companies in the Campaign for Real Nappies. There is plenty of opportunity for campaigning and help is always needed in getting the message to health professionals, local authorities and beyond, especially during the annual Real Nappy Week held in April each year. If you'd like to know more about the issues, or do some campaigning on this topic, the local group would love to hear from you.

Free information pack about mail-order nappies, nappy services etc: send a large SAE to: the Real Nappy Association, PO Box 3704, London, SE26 4RX.

Manchester Real Nappy Association - Lynda (0161 223 9814) or Wendy (0161 862 9731)

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