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Manchester Animal Protection (MAP) are organising a campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) laboratories, particularly their lab in Wilmslow, Cheshire. This is part of a national campaign against this company, who were exposed on a Channel 4 documentary last year. Beagle dogs, used in an experiment to test the toxicity of a pesticide, were filmed being punched and beaten. This company will test anything for anybody! They are one of the largest contract testing labs in the world, with over 63,000 animals. As a result of undercover film being shown on television, their shares almost collapsed, the government suspended their license, two workers were convicted of animal cruelty, and a large, successful campaign has been set up to put pressure on HLS to end animal experiments.

There will be a national demonstration at their Wilmslow lab on Saturday 1 August, meeting at 12 noon at Wilmslow railway station. Please come, show your support, and join us in this campaign which we are confident we will win!

MAP is also taking part in national demos against Hillgrove Farm in Oxfordshire every six weeks. This farm breeds cats for vivisection, and at any one time there are around 1,000 cats and kittens, ready to be sold from as young as six weeks old to labs around the world. The campaign has had widespread media coverage and is the most well attended of its kind, with 3,000 people at the demo in April! There is no doubt Hillgrove Farm will shut down - please come along and make it sooner rather than later. We usually have a coach going from Manchester to the demos (next one is 11 July); for more details please ring Alison on 232 9094. Hillgrove Demo
Police watchtower at recent Hillgrove demo

Huntingdon Action Group & Manchester Animal Protection (0845 456 2492)

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