People's Summit

In Birmingham this year, the G8 (the US, Japan, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Canada and Russia) hold their summit in Britain for the first time in seven years. To have an effect on the decisions they will take, be there and make your voice heard - join the People's Summit. This is an alternative forum to the G8 and is your chance to challenge the way these countries rule the world.
Make a CHAINge

Don't miss your opportunity to have an impact on the decisions they will take on debt, poverty, jobs, the environment, peace and the global economy. Over the 3 days, there will be a wide range of events all over the city: hear key speakers and decision makers, attend a teach-in on globalisation, formulate strategies on campaigns, enjoy music, dance, street theatre, and help transform wasteland into a People Power site - a blooming organic garden. Come along, learn and contribute.

At the heart of the People's Summit is the Jubilee 2000 mass human chain at 2 pm on Saturday 16 May. The chain will surround the International Convention Centre where the G8 leaders are meeting. Remember that for every £1 the UK Government gives in aid, £3 is sent back in debt repayments. Jubliee 2000 is calling for world leaders to respond and break the chains of debt for one billion of the world's poorest people.

There will be coaches from Manchester. Book by ringing Clarice, of Oldham One World Centre (624 6484). General information on the Peoples' Summit from New Economics Foundation (0121 632 6909) and on the chain from HumanChainLine (0891 700 111).

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