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Readers of the Networking Newsletter will have read about the large number of actions in support of the Liverpool Dockers. In February, after 2 years and 4 months, the Liverpool Dockers have ended their fight to get re-instated.

Dockers on protest

Shop stewards spent the month before the final settlement debating the direction of the dispute. Their conclusions were that in certain key areas the campaign had started to falter and that in order not to see good people lose everything or risk a collapse from within, a collective agreement on the best possible terms had to be accepted. The fact that the Labour government and the TGWU supported the line of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company was a blow to the striking dockers. They also referred to the, "hard line tactics of the police on the picket lines", as a factor in the decision to bring the struggle to a conclusion.

The terms of the settlement were based on up to £28,000 redundancy payment for all ex Mersey Docks men. Approximately 80 dockers are excluded from this, also the limited redundancy payments being made to approximately 2/3 of the sacked dockers will be subject not only to debt repayment but may be reclaimed by the benefits office.

"It is with a great sadness in our hearts that we write to all our magnificent supporters and express our deepest gratitude. We have to build upon our internationalism, upon the experiences of all our struggles. Let the words of a great Irish trade unionist capture our thoughts;

'Who is it speaks of defeat? I tell you a cause like ours is greater than defeat can know. It is the power of powers'
James Larkin  "

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