More than an "OK" Cafe

STOP PRESS: Cafe moves to city centre

Out of the rainy depths of Winter sprang the OKasional Cafe. For part of February and through most of March, Counter Culture Collective and Manchester Earth First squatted a disused listed building on Oxford Road - see cover. They turned it into a wonderful, vibrant, organic, affordable, friendly, havin' it party venue-cafe-club-home and general example of how things could be.

Despite a farcical court possession order being granted after the first week, the owner decided he'd rather let the cafe continue to radicalise customers, than pay the costs of an eviction.

Window table at the OKasional Cafe

In a horrible irony, the building was previously owned by the Sons of Temperance and now has a planning application for licenced premises! But for four weeks, the beautiful house inspired and informed hundreds of people about the many possibilities of an alternative culture and provided cheap, fair trade, organic food and fun.

The cafe superseded the organisers' craziest desires and they hope it will lead to an upsurge in Earth First and the counter culture in general. There's plans for an OKansional Newssheet (phone Will on 0161 232 1835) and many dreams (or are they plans?!) for another OKasional cafe - keep your eyes peeled and watch this space.

Manchester Earth First (0161 226 6814,

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