Manchester Public Says "No" to Incineration

A packed public meeting at Manchester Town Hall in November left Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) in no doubt about the views of Manchester residents - no to incineration but yes to recycling and waste minimisation.

The public gave GMWDA and their consultants a roasting about their plans to build incineration plants in Sharston and Newton Heath. A long procession of vociferous objectors, including nannies from Newton Heath and Northenden, took the opportunity to make their views known very clearly. The business community also had their say, Paul Monaghan representing Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) searchingly questioned Coopers & Lybrand (GMWDA's consultants) about the accountancy methods used and noted that the Chamber had not replied to MCCIs written questions!

GMWDA have stated that the overriding factor in determining the future waste strategy will be the views of the public. If GMWDA mean what they say then incineration should no longer be an option under consideration!

Unfortunately, the Labour Government have done very little to push the recycling agenda forward. In fact they have given the incineration industry a boost by announcing that it will continue to subsidise "waste to energy" incineration as a so called "renewable energy source". What this means is that incinerator operators will get high prices for the electricity they produce from burning rubbish. This is funded by a levy on all our electricity bills and gives incineration an unfair financial advantage over recycling.

Take Action

Write to Cllr Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council at the Town Hall, Albert Square, congratulating the council on throwing out the Ardwick Incinerator scheme. You can also write to either John Battle MP (Energy Minister) and/or Michael Meacher MP (Environment Minister), at the House of Commons London, SW1A OAA, objecting to the Government' support for incineration through the Non Fossil Fuel Obligation.

A free detailed briefing about waste and the arguments against incineration is available from FoE.

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