() Networking Newsletter: Issue 16 (Spring 1998)

Final Warning for Global Warming

As politicians stumbled for a compromise about reductions of greenhouse gases in Kyoto, Manchester Airport became (once again!) the target for local action. Twelve people locked on to X-ray equipment in the departures lounge for over an hour, while another ten, dressed in white suits and gas masks, climbed on to the roof of the "skylink" walk way.

They unfurled two banners reading "Global warming, the final warning" and "Stop aviation growth" and stayed on the roof for a couple of hours before descending and being arrested for suspected criminal damage and contravening airport by-laws.

The activists achieved considerable local media coverage but on the other side of the world the politicians weren't listening. Due to a staggering amount of pressure from the petrochemical industries, all that could be agreed was a very leaky protocol with just a 5.2% reduction in greenhouse gases from 1990 levels by 2012. This is far below the EU's 15% proposal and nowhere near the 60% reduction scientists say is necessary to stop dangerous climate change.

Info on global climatic change: Manchester Friends of the Earth (Tel: 0161 834 8221; email: office@manchesterfoe.org.uk)

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