Huge Victory Against Deportation

The campaign to stop the deportation of Florence Okolo and her two daughters, Awele and Anwuli, has succeeded after nearly four years of campaigning. In 1995 an independent adjudicator recommended that Florence and her children be allowed to remain in England indefinitely. However, the (then) Home Secretary, Michael Howard, was not prepared to accept this recommendation. The case has now been reviewed by Jack Straw MP and the family will now have their stay regularised.

All supporters are invited to a victory celebration at The Ardri, Coupland Street, Hulme from 8pm on Thursday 13 November for food, music and drinks.

Please remember to support other anti-deportation campaigns, such as the Lashley Family. For full details contact the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit on 0161 740 7722.

Okolo Family Defence Campaign (0161 226 2050)