Birchfields to Barcelona

Manchester recently hosted the Northern Earth First! gathering in the Birchfields community centre. It attracted over 150 people and discussions were centred around titles such as treehouses and tunnelling, affinity groups, what makes a good action, tactics and strategy, genetic engineering, environmental ploughshares, and even how to brew your own wine using local stuff. Lots of new and old ideas came out of it, so watch this space!

A bunch from Manchester Earth First! just came back from a 10 days adventure in Barcelona, Spain. This was done with the aim of twining the two towns. Soon a group of Barcelonians will come over and discover the wonders of our little city. The exchange focused on each other's counter culture of resistance. We visited their Social Centres - 'squats' used as a base for those fighting for social justice and against fascism, and for hosting arts events and films. After a presentation of EF! and difficult emotional bye byes, the next step will be to set up one of these 'Social Centres' in Manchester. For more info and to hear how warm it was in Spain, give us a shout!

Ken, Manchester Earth First! (0161 224 4846)