Huntingdon Death Sentences

The camp is no longer there. There is still a protest camp outside the Huntington Life Sciences lab near Cambridge

An anti-vivisection camp has been set up recently in Cheshire. The camp is in Burned Hey Woods next to the Wilmslow Research Centre, operated by the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences. This is a contract testing laboratory - they will test anything on animals for anyone that pays them. Animals tortured include cats, dogs, rats and baboons.

Campaigners are maintaining a constant presence at the gates of the laboratory during working hours, and an over-night vigil is planned.

Monkey being tortured

People are needed to keep the demos and the camp going. Urgent requirements include: tarps, firewood, blankets and vegan food.

The camp is situated off the A538 Wilmslow to Altrincham road, near to the garden centre. Contact the Huntingdon Action Group on 0958 451 525 for more information or to arrange a lift from Wilmslow train station.

Huntingdon Action Group (0958 451 525)

And for those looking for revenge, here's a photo that might bring tears to your eyes!