Networking Newsletter: Issue 15:Nov '97 to Jan '98

Last updated: Jan98

to another issue of the Networking Newsletter. I'm sure you'll agree with me that this is a brilliant issue with coverage of a wide range of issues, as well as the ever-growing list of contacts and a newly expanded "Resources" section.
As ever, the success of the Newsletter depends on you. If you have any ideas for improvements then I'm more than happy to consider them. If you like the newsletter, let me know (and make sure your subscription is up to date!). Money is usually a major worry, but a recent anonymous donation has helped a lot - my thanks to you. But more subscriptions and donations will be needed to see the Newsletter go from strength to strength in 1998.

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This section covers news, information, and updates on campaigns and issues relevant to activists in the region.

Not included in the on-line version
News included in the newsletter, but not here, includes:
  • Respect Refugees: Amnesty's latest campaign
  • Campaigning against Eurofighter
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Clash Avoidance Calendar

The hardcopy of the Networking Newsletter includes a double-page colour pull out "clash avoidance calendar" which gives a graphical description of who's doing what, when and where.

Regular events - eg weekly meetings in the pub - are given here.

Other activities are given by month: 1997 dates


Check out the most up-to-date and comprehensive contacts list
of campaigners in and around Manchester.


An (almost) regular feature in the Networking Newsletter is a spotlight on different groups working towards similar goals. Previous Networking Newsletters have focused on the following:


A selection of training events for campaign groups. Please let us know of any training you require, or can offer, so that we can include details in future issues

Training events on offer from the Networking Newsletter Project and other organisations

Enquiries about the Networking Newsletter Project should be made to

Networking Newsletter Project, 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS.
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