Nuclear Weapons? No thanks

The abolition of nuclear weapons is possible.
Nuclear Abolition 2000 is a worldwide citizens movement, which aims to secure an international treaty by the year 2000 to set out a timetable for nuclear abolition in the 21st Century.

It was set up in 1995, following the co-operation at the negotiations to extend the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which were committed to nuclear weapons abolition met in the Hague, and founded Abolition 2000: A Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons.

Abolition 2000 now has the support of over 700 NGOs worldwide and continues to grow, and in Manchester we have launched Abolition 2000 - Greater Manchester

"Abolition 2000 - Greater Manchester" will unite everyone who is opposed to nuclear weapons to work for global disarmament. The first major event will be a Roundtable at the end of October, which will be a gathering of prominent local people who will meet to discuss the nuclear issues in the UK's security or defence policy. Anyone who is interested and can help distribute information should contact Abolition 2000 - Greater Manchester for an information pack and leaflets.

All kinds of people, many of whom used to be in favour of nuclear weapons now say that we have to get rid of them - join them and join us.

Rachel Julian, Greater Manchester & District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (0161 834 8301)