A Waste of Consultation?

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) has launched a public consultation on its waste strategy. Over the past two years GMWDA have been drawing up plans on how waste will be managed for the next 20-30 years.

As reported in the last Networking Newsletter, the operating company of the waste disposal authority, local authority owned GM Waste Ltd, have already obtained a government subsidy to burn wastes at four sites in Greater Manchester - Raikes Lane (Bolton), Ashton Rd (Bredbury), Cobden St (Salford), and Reliance St (Newton Heath).

FoE fear that the whole public consultation process is merely a charade and that GMWDA have already made up their mind that they will have at least two new incinerators in Greater Manchester.

The Waste Network are determined that public opinion should not be ignored but we need you to voice your opposition to Councillors, MPs and the Waste Disposal authority now. Write to them saying you want kerbside collections through out Greater Manchester and not polluting incinerators.

Please respond to the public consultation - call the waste disposal authority on 839 6779 for information. The deadline for responses is the end of August. (Remember to read the consultation booklet carefully. The questions are likely to have been designed to provoke the answers the WDA requires!!)

If the plans for incinerators go ahead we will never see kerbside collections implemented seriously in Greater Manchester. Nor will the authorities implement waste minimization initiatives to cut waste at source.

We cannot go on wasting resources at the rate we have been. Old growth forests in Scandinavia are being devastated to feed our hungry appetite for paper, the majority of which ends up in landfill and incinerators which are polluting our environment.

This is a campaign that can be won. Local residents in Newton Heath managed to persuade Manchester City Council not to approve plans for cattle cremators in their area with a 3,000+ petition. So get out there petitioning and lobbying. It can have an effect!

If you can help in the campaign, or want leaflets, briefings, petitions or postcards to send to GMWDA, call Manchester FoE on 0161 834 8221 or Val (Manchester Communities Against Toxics) on 0161 370 9745.

Don't be a Waster

Bookings were still being accepted for the North West Alternative Waste Conference to be held in Manchester on July the 12th. The conference aims to bring together as many groups as possible that are actively campaigning on issues relating to waste in the North West.

Speakers include Charles Secret (Friends of the Earth), Alan Watson (Environmental Consultant), Jan Clarke (Green Party), Dr Richard Lawson (Author and Medical Practitioner) and will be chaired by the author of many green books, Penny Kemp. The conference will feature a number of workshops and training sessions.

Chris Maile the Conference organiser said "Waste is set to be the big environmental problem of the 21st Century, unless we tackle the whole question of waste now, by accepting that waste is a valuable resource, then we are simply building up a powder keg, that will blow up in future generations faces"

Those still wanting to book places (entry is free but with a small charge for an information pack) should contact Chris Maile on 01942 513792.